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● Fibell’s Parents


○ They are the parents of Fibell, Arthur and Josefa Luxbell. Both were excellent rulers, proving that the Luxbell family is a correct family and that helps the progress of Snoworld. They are one of the heirs of the power granted by the crystal kings. So they always showed the best of them. But a horrible tragedy happened one day when both kings were in Halderus, making one of his political visits. The carriage in which they were going, was attacked by hired assassins (commanded by Natasha) and was overflowed by a ravine, killing the emperors.


This event is known as "the tragedy of Halderus" All this was maneuvered in the shadows by Natasha to stay with the power, but there is no evidence that inculpen, so she took power but through Fibell, which was only an egg when this happened.

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