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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)


Surely you have a lot of questions about Spaicy Project, so here we gathered the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) 
A) What is Spaicy project?

Spaicy is a multimedia project created by LoulouVZ, which includes a comic, animations, drawings and a videogame in development. 

B) What creature is Spaicy?
Spaicy is a snoworldean, an original species created by LoulouVZ. Snoworldeans are intelligent beings characterised by animal, plant and mineral aspects. More information here:


C) Is Spaicy some kind of animal?
Animal from planet earth, no. But it has some aspects of a canid, such as a snout, and its skin is similar to the texture of a dolphin. But she is not any of the above creatures, she is a snoworldean.

D) Why is Spaicy naked?
Clothing on snoworldeans is not as common as it is on humans. This is because of the following:
Snoworldeans possess the quality of having bodies that are resistant to the most extreme temperatures, due to their thicker skin. This allows them to be protected and not need to warm up frequently.
Another important aspect is that they have no modesty like us humans, as their private parts are hidden under the skin, and are revealed when necessary. (This was inspired by the reproductive system of reptiles).
In addition, the great variety of bodies in Snoworld creates a problem when it comes to standardising clothing, as each body is very different. Therefore, accessories are a better option that can be adapted to a wider variety of bodies, such as a scarf, or a cape.
Clothing is often used more as an accessory than as a basic necessity. Most of the time more elaborate garments are worn when going to an event, such as going to the beach, a festival, a wedding, etc. But on a day-to-day basis, simple accessories such as gloves, boots, hats, etc. are used. 

E) Why doesn't Spaicy have ears?
Her ears are small orifices, like those of birds, reptiles or seals.

F) Where do Snoworldeans keep their things if they don't wear clothes? 
Most of the accessories are stored in the wristphone, which replaces the use of backpacks or bags. This is a phone that not only allows you to call, but can also store physical objects. Here is a video explaining how it works:

G) How advanced is the technology at Snoworld?
It is similar to ours, but with both older and more modern aspects. As is an architecture that is more medieval, but more modern technology.

H) Do video games, series, cartoons and the like exist in Snoworld?
Of course they do!

I) Where can I read the comic, and it's free?

Yes! the comic online is completily free. Read here:

J) Where can I buy the comic book?


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