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galaxia geridoxea
  • Snoworld is a planet located in the Geridox system, in a very distant galaxy. Its star, Geridoxia, is a large star but not as hot as the sun.

paneta snoworld


Facts about the planet Snoworld:

  • Planet of medium size, (similar to Mars), conformed by 3 big continents; Snoworld (continent) Akiri, and Thembras.

  • The name of this world is due to the shape of its continents, formed by large peninsulas, similar to the tips of a snowflake.

  • It has 2 moons, one larger (Pashmir) and one smaller (Mias).

  • The calendar, hours, and seasons are very similar to earth.

planet and moons.png


  • Snoworld's energy comes from its core.

  • This energy was distributed by the Crystal Kings, by a system of pipes running from the core to 9 energy outlets.

  • After this technological breakthrough, the Crystal Kings became deities for this planet.

  • Currently those who manage the energy are the Luxbell family.

  • The energy today is used everywhere, and replaces what we know as electricity, gas, oil, among other sources of power.

  • The appearance of the energy is similar to lava, but more yellow and with sparkles.





mapa snoworld
SNOWORLD MAPA todos los continentes3.jpg

3D view of planet Snoworld


continente snoword


  • Snoworld (Continent), is the capital of the planet.

  • This place was founded by the Crystal Kings.

  • Its climate varies between slightly warm and cold, with abundant snowfall in the north and rain in the south.



mapa snoworld

Snoworld (continent) is divided into 7 regions, it is a developed and quiet place where its inhabitants can have a good quality of life.

  • Crystal City: It is the most important city of Snoworld, since here lives the empress Luxbell. It is a place full of technological advances and commerce.

  • Lailen: Quiet city characterized by its hot springs.

[Power plant in Lailen] [Lailen connects with Akiri]. 

  • Rivaine: Wooded place that harbors dangerous beasts. On its coasts fishing is practiced.

[Rivaine connects with Thembras] [Rivaine connects with Thembras].

  • Grichkor: City characterized by having a majority of plant inhabitants.

One of its strengths are agriculture, magic and craftsmanship. 

[Power plant in Grichkor] Hanart: It is a quiet and peaceful city.

  • Hanart: It is a quiet and beautiful city with forests of cherry trees, which annually celebrates the festival of gratitude. It is also known as the city of love, as many go there to propose. 


  • Ilamna: it is a very busy city where people go mainly for vacations, there are casinos and pubs everywhere. Its business is tourism.

  • Edresh: It is a mountainous area with beautiful flowery and quiet villages. Although it is also a dangerous place due to its strong blizzards. 

[Power plant in Edresh]


bandera snoworld
Snoworld Flag.png
paisajes naturales snow


In this continent there are landscapes like:


  • Cherry Forest: In this forest, once a year, the Gratitude Festival takes place. Visitors also enjoy doing picnics in this area.

  • Lakes: The water is a bit cold, and plenty of fish lives here.

  • Forests : The woods of Snoworld are very dense and green, and many medium aggression beasts lives here.

  • Hot springs: Hot springs are located in Lailen Town, being a great tourist attraction.

  • Meadows: The grasslands of Snoworld are spacious, with plenty of grass and warm breezes. You can find delfoideas around this place, among other creatures.


  • Snowy mountains: These mountains are very cold places with great height. There are lots of minerals in this place.

Natural landscapes snoworld.png
flora snoworld


The flora and minerals of the Snoworld continent grow in humid environments and cold temperatures. Some of these are:​

  • Piki pines: These are pine trees that bear a nut called piki. Its flavor is between almond and hazelnut.

  • Hanzu flowers: They are flowers similar to purple hydrangeas, they are usually planted a lot in the villages. They have a small fruit similar to a blueberry.

  • Leafundas: They are plants with which tea is made, have a very fragrant aroma of herbs. They are present in the meadows.

  • Kistopharus: It is an edible mineral found in the mountains of Snoworld. Its flavor can vary from salty/bitter to sweet/sour depending on the soil where it grows.



fauna snoworld

Some of the most common animals of the Snoworld continent are:

  • Groinkos: Domestic animals of large size and docile temperament. They are usually bred in farms.

  • Twipies: Small birds that can appear in 3 colors: green, blue or red. They are usually found all over the continent.

  • Curpus: small and curious animals about the size of a cat, native to the forests. They are characterized by having a jewel in their tails, which is why they used to be hunted in the past, although nowadays, their hunt is forbidden. They are also very common as pets.

  • Delfoideas: Quadrupeds similar to horses, with large curved horns. They are usually found in the wild on the meadows.

They are also used to move high society carriages. 



zona urb snow

Here are some examples of urban areas en Snoworld continent:

  • Crystal Castle: it is one of the most important places in Snoworld, since royalty lives here. It is located in Crystal City.

  • Edresh Town: Town high in the mountains.

  • Ilamna at night: Panoramic view of the most nocturnal city of Snoworld. It is characterized by many casinos, pubs and neon lights.

  • Grichkor houses: This is an example of the type of houses in the Grichkor sector, they stand out for having a magical aspect.

snoworld urban.png


comda tipica snow

The typical food of Snoworld is high in calories, excellent for cold and snowy days. The most characteristic foods are:


  • Shabut: It’s a type of pastry filled with vegetables and meat. A meat sauce is usually added as a spread.


  • Piki pie: It’s a pie that is usually filled with custard cream, and covered with roasted and caramelized pikies.


  • Bellbery juice: It’s a sweet and sour juice very typical of Snoworld, it is usually drunk when eating shabut.

  • Groinko Ham: Roast meat similar to chicken and pork.



cont akiri


This continent is located at the east of Planet Snoworld, and it’s characterized to be a serene and beautiful place. It has a Tropical Desert Climate, with high temperatures.



mapa akiri

Akiri is characterized by its beautiful bays and a warm atmosphere.

Its greatest strength is fishing, mining and tourism.

It is divided into 6 regions.


  • Kealnya: This area has quiet cities, its strongest is the cultivation of vegetables.

[Kealnya connects with Snoworld].


  • Ukukali: It is a highly tourist place due to its beautiful beaches and its gastronomy.

Ukukali has one of the largest underwater cities in all of Snoworld, here is a large amphibious population.


  • Wombena: It is a place with some of the largest cities of Snoworld, with high urbanization located underground, this in order to avoid the high temperatures of the desert. It is also a very active city with much tourist movement and great parties in the evenings.

[Energy outlet in Wombena]


  • Nenzise: it is an area of ​​little urbanization but much tourism due to its impressive red canyons, the rainbow lake and above all, the glass city that is surrounded by lava.

[Energy output at Nenzise]


  • Zivila: It is a region dedicated to fishing, is urbanized and quiet.

Here are several companies of Akiri

[Zivila connects with Thembras]


  • Yoku: It is a mostly virgin place where many wild and tropical creatures coexist.

[Energy output in Yoku]


bandra akiri
Akiri Flag.png
paisjes naturales


Akiri possess landscapes filled with colorful flora and fauna. Some of these are:


  • Beaches: Places with warm waters and soft sand.

  • Luminescent sea: At night the sea of Akiri shines thanks to the activity of microscopic bioluminescent living beings, creating a wonderful starry sky effect on its surface.


  • Lava crystal desert: Landscape created by the combination of sand and lava, generating glass structures when they melt.

  • Coral reefs: An abundant number of marine creatures lives sustained by this place.


  • Floral jungle: Many types of exotic plants and creatures can be found in this jungle.


  • Rocky valleys: Formations of reddish rocks of high temperatures. The civilization near it lives underground.

Akiri landscapes.png
flora miner akiri


The flora of Akiri is abundant and colorful. Some of them are:


  • Crystal flower: Beautiful flowers made of mineral, often used to propose marriage.

  • Palm trees: Very abundant in Akiri.

  • Monster plant: Plant similar to a mushroom which is often used for cooking, its flavor is similar to meat.

  • Water leaves: Large leaves found on water surfaces, often used as platforms.

akiri flora.png
fauna akiri


Akiri has a great variety of animals that are characterized by not having fur, in order to avoid the heat. Some of these are:

  • Blinding bird: A crystal bird native to the deserts of Akiri. Its hunting method consists of blinding its prey with its glowing wings.

  • Sea dragons: Peaceful and somewhat elusive reptiles from Akiri. It has lungs and gills. They do not like contact with people, and will only approach if they are given food. They are usually found on the rocks sunbathing.

  • Zeridopters: They are a type of medium-sized reptile-insects. Their behavior is very similar to monkeys, and they come in various colors.

  • Slimes: These creatures are very common on the shores of the beach. They are friendly and have a good temperament.

akiri fauna.png


zona urb akiri

Akiri is characterized for being a very active and touristic place. Some of its most outstanding urban areas are:

  • Beach houses: Houses on the seashore placed on stilts.

  • Underground city: City located underground in order to avoid the high temperatures of the desert.

  • Neon nights: During party nights, some places in Akiri are lit up with neon lights, creating a bright nocturnal landscape.

  • Underwater city: Cities adapted to the needs of the marine snoworldeans, these have a high technology.

Akiri urban zones.png


comid tipica akiri

Akiri's typical food is tropical and bittersweet. The most characteristic foods are:

  • Dunduria fish: Grilled dunduria fish, accompanied by fried plantains. It is one of the most common dishes in Akiri.

  • Yomicua: It is a sweet tasting aromatic fruit. similar in taste to Sugar-apple and mango.

  • Mielona juice: Mielona is a type of honey-flavored melon, which is often used for cocktails. It has a very pleasant taste.

  • Buki salad: bamboo-like stalks salad, they are crunchy and fresh.

akiri food.png


cont thembras


Thembras continent, located in the south of Planet Snoworld, is characterized as a place of extensive vegetation with a rainy tropical climate, and harsh survival, but in spite of that, its inhabitants have adapted to live with it.



mapa thembras

Thembras is a place of drastic landscapes, where nature and wildness predominate, but on the other hand it also has its urbanization. It is divided into 6 regions.


  • Zenarka: Urban tourist place of moderate tranquility, here is the connection between Snoworld and Akiri.


  • Asvar: Former colony of Crystal City, and one of the most important cities of Thembras. Here is concentrated the largest population and trade focused on magic. It has the largest universities, jobs, and infrastructure of the entire continent.

[Power plant in Asvar]


  • Eiria: It is a mostly rural place, where tribal customs are still preserved. There are ruins of ancient Eyrian civilizations.


  • Baotto: City with high rates of poverty and robotic-mineral population. Much of Snoworld's technology is built here.

[Power plant in Baotto]


  • Halderus: Place dense in jungles and nature. Rituals and beast clan battles are often held here.


  • Otherg: Place of great natural wonders, such as volcanoes, crystal caves, but at the same time several dangers.

[Power plant in Otherg]


bandera thembras
Thembas Flag.png
paisajes nat themb


  • Fern jungles: The jungles of Thembras are very dense and full of wild and dangerous creatures.


  • Crystal caves: These caves are one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Thembras,
    They have crystals that illuminate the place.


  • Powerful storms: Thembras is characterized for being a continent with many storms.


  • Rock caverns: It is said that inside these caverns there are several spirits enclosed.

  • Dangerous sea: The sea of this continent is extremely rough, and some adventurers like to go surfing here.

  • Volcanoes: They are in constant eruption. Their inhabitants are already used to live with it.

Thembras landscapes.png


flora thembras

Thembras flora requires a rainy and fertile climate. Some of the examples we can find are:

  • Ferns: Giant ferns that abound throughout the place.

  • Luminicent mushrooms: Usually found in the forests of the continent, they have magical properties. You can hear a soft melody when they are near.

  • Robotic forests: Forests made of mineral formations in the shape of pipes.

  • Poisonous flower: Gigantic flower that feeds on flesh. It has the smell of corpse.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.19.48.png
thembras flora 2.png
fauna themb


Thembras usually have animals with an active and aggressive temperament, such as:


  • Situru: It is a very dangerous type of giant amphibian that lives in swamps. Its bite is poisonous.


  • Rocombo: It is a mineral being that builds its shelter by carrying rocks with its strong tricorns. Rocombos are sometimes domesticated and used as work animals.


  • Thembras chimera: Territorial beings of large size, they can be found in various forms around the jungles.


  • Bio-k3: Mineral insects that feed on energy. They are usually found in robotic forests.

thembras fauna.png


zona urb them

Urban areas of Thembras change from civilized to wild. Some of the most common places are:

  • Taberns: Characteristic places of the area, with a medieval appearance. Here its inhabitants gather to drink, eat and live together.

  • Robotic ghettos: Place with cyberpunk technology, and a lot of mineral population. Characterized by being dangerous.

  • Beast clan: Located in camps on the outskirts, these are self-proclaimed tribes by that name, as they do not identify with urban civilizations. they usually perform rituals and have their own culture.

  • Asvar city: Beautiful city with old looking buildings. It is a very safe place to be around.

Thembras city.png
comida tipica themb


Typical Thembras foods are large and full of minerals. One of the most characteristic foods are:


  • Beast meat: Usually eaten roasted. It possesses a rather intense flavor.


  • Craft beer: Huge tankards of beer are usually consumed in taverns. They have a herbal flavor.


  • Robot oil: Quite common brew among the mineral-type Snoworldeans. 


  • Crystal Cake: Tasty and sweet cake, with a crunchy texture on the outside, soft on the inside. 

Thembras food.png


criaturas snoworld
  • All the creatures of Snoworld are characterized by being born of eggs and belonging to different features.


  • There is a separation between rational (snoworldeans) and irrational beings (creatures).

snoworldean and creatures.png


  • Snoworldeans are oviparous beings belonging to the planet Snoworld, and are characterized by having 3 types of traits that are: animal, vegetable, or mineral.

  • Their skin is thicker than humans, so they resist high and low temperatures. They don't need to wear clothes because they are already naturally protected, added to the fact that their private parts are inside the body, just like reptiles.

  • Their breathing system can be nasal, gill, or through the skin. There are also mixed breathing systems.

  • There are several types of limbs, such as bipeds, arachnids, among others.



Snoworldean features.png
Rasgos animales


  • Beings composed of animal cells, organs, bones, and fluids just like terrestrial animals.

  • They have aspects of the animal kingdom, such as: scales, horns, fur, among others, but they are not directly animals as there are on earth.

  • Snoworldeans with animal traits represent 50% of the population, this being the most common trait.

  • Its diet is omnivorous. They can eat meat, vegetables, and even some minerals.

  • Cares and habits: Their caring and habits are just like ours. They need to eat at least once a day, they need to take care of diseases just like ours, but in general their health is really good.

  • Life expectancy: Around to 150 years.


animal snowrldean.png
rasgos planta


  • Beings composed of vegetal cells.Their organs are similar to mushrooms, they don't have bones, and their blood is like sap, and they can regenerate.

  • ​They have aspects of the vegetal kingdom, such as: leaves, flowers, roots, among others.

  • ​​Snoworldeans with vegetal traits represent 30% of the population.

  • ​​About nutrition, Since they are humanoids, they're omnivorous, but it is recommended that they eat vegetarian food, as they can't process that well most of the meats. They also gain nutrients through the sun, water and dirt, making photosynthesis as a second option of nutrition. 

  • Care and habits: Their habits are similar to ours, but they mainly need water and sun to stay healthy. Some may present changes in their foliage when the seasons change. In case of diseases such as pests, they must be fumigated.


  • They do not have good resistance to cold.

  • ​Life expectancy: Around to 150 years.


snoworldean vegetal.png
rasgos mineral


  • Beings composed of mineral cells. Their organs are similar to a machinary, their blood is like oil, they don't have bones.

  • They have aspects of the mineral kingdom, such as: rocks, metals, crystals, among others. And since they are humanoids, their bodies are flexible, regardless of what material they are.

  • ​​Snoworldeans with mineral traits represent 20% of the population.

  • ​​About nutrition, As they are humanoid beings, they are omnivorous, but with a preference for eating foods of mineral origin because that is what provides the most nutrients to their body. Their teeth and organisms are adapted to process them.

  • Care and habits: Mostly their habits and care like those of humans. They are the strongest trait of all, although their regeneration is the slowest.
    Some of the diseases that can suffer is oxidation.

  • ​Life expectancy: Around to 200 years.


snoworldean mineral.png


tipos de cuerpo
  • There are several types of bodies, and each one varies according to the trait. Here are some examples of the most and least common body types.


Body types.png


  • All beings on this planet are born from eggs. These are of different shapes, sizes, patterns, and features.

  • These eggs vary by features. 

    • Animal eggs are similar to a bird egg. 

    • Vegetal eggs are similar to a seed. 

    • Mineral egg are similar to a  gem.

  • The average size of snoworldean eggs is similar to an ostrich egg.



  • Snoworldeans are born through eggs, and each one has a different way of hatching.

  • As far as snoworldeans (not creatures) are concerned, there is a 3 month gestation period.

  • Month 1: The egg remains inside the mother's body.

  • Month 2: The egg hatches and incubates.

  • Month 3: The egg incubates and hatches on the last day of the month.

  • It is recommended to incubate each egg differently depending on its trait.

  • Animal egg: Give it warmth with blankets.

  • Vegetable egg: plant it to absorb nutrients.

  • Mineral Egg: Place it on crystals to give it nutrients.

  • During the first months the baby must be fed with ground food, then with time it can eat solids.



  • Fertility in snoworldeans occurs only 1 time a year for 2 weeks.

  • Their way of reproduction is similar to reptiles, their reproductive organs are only revealed when copulating, or when they need to go to the bathroom.

  • In the case of crossing different features, the most predominant tend to be animals, followed by vegetables, and finally minerals.



  • The sira is the vital energy of the snoworldeans and without it they couldn't live. A good comparison could be ki, chakra, etc.

  • Most of the inhabitants of snoworld have an average level of sira, only some possess higher levels. This helps them to resist, fight, and have more skills in general.

  • Sira can be increased through training, amulets, supplements, among others.

  • This energy can only be seen by the most experienced in the area.

  • However, most of the population does not know much about it, as it is a somewhat taboo subject.

sociedd cultura en snoworld



Snoworldean culture and society developed over several years. But one of the most important and technology-changing milestones was the arrival of the Crystal Kings. 

crysal kings


  • The Crystal Kings are considered deities in Snoworld, as it was they who founded civilization and brought peace to the world.

  • Before their arrival, Snoworld was a place of little progress, wars and scarcity.

  • But legend has it that they emerged from the center of the planet, and brought abundance and energy enough to have enough technological advances.

  • During their arrival, pipelines were built to bring energy from the core of Snoworld to the surface, and this is currently the source of power that supplies the entire planet.

  • It is said that once their work was done, the crystal kings returned to their place of origin, disappearing from the planet.

  • Nowadays many people worship them and pray in their name.

crystal kings statue.png


  • Ancient snoworldean god who represents balance in life.

  • Each of his limbs represents a fundamental aspect.

    • His right arm represents life.

    • His left leg represents death.

    • His right leg represents war.

    • His left arm represents peace.

  • In the middle of his chest he carries a transmutation crystal.

  • His eye is said to be all-seeing.

  • He is usually venerated in ancient and rural villages, through rites in his honor to achieve balance and stability in their lives.

Shnebura Shrines

  • These shrines can be found all over Snoworld. They are usually surrounded by incense and flowers.

  • Every November 10, the veneration of Shnebura is celebrated. 

  • This consists of venerating as many shrines as possible.

  • The believers of this god make a pilgrimage along various paths that connect with the altars within their town.

  •  The more shrines visited, the greater the devotion to Shnebura and therefore the greater the balance in life.



Politics in Snoworld operates under an imperial system.

These are the positions and their hierarchy levels:

  • Empress: Currently who is in charge is Fibell Luxbell, and is the one who makes the final decisions that involve the entire planet.

  • Viziers: There are 3 great viziers, one for each continent, in charge of the major decisions.

  • Governors: They are in charge of governing the cities.

  • Mayors: They are in charge of making decisions in the towns.



ley orden
  • Snoworld is characterized for being a peaceful place, however there are cases where it is necessary to apply law and order.

  • Its laws are similar to those of the first world countries of the earth.

  • Violence, theft, and disasters in general are penalized.

  • In case of committing serious crimes, they will be taken to the dungeon.


  • In snoworld there are 2 main types of forces:

Reguar guards: in charge of taking care of the population. They use spears as their main weapon.

Royal Guards: In charge of protecting the royalty and taking matters of greater magnitude. They have several types of weapons.

  • As a curious fact, in Snoworld there are no firearms, but the use of magic as a repressive method is allowed.



  • Snoworld's currency is the snowflake. It is made of fossilized ice, a material that does not melt and is very difficult to fake


  • This currency is valid on all continents.


  • You can also deposit the flakes in the wristphone and use them digitally.

  • Types of snowflakes:

  • Blue flakes = 1 dollar

  • Green flakes = 5 dollars

  • Red flakes = 10 dollars

  • Purple flakes = 20 dollars

  • Silver flakes = 50 dollars

  • Gold flakes = 100 dollars



  • The snoworldeans have their own alphabet, but just to make it easier of their lecture, everything that is from the comics and animations will be translated into our language.

  • Here's the alphabet:

Snoworldean Font Sheet.png
  • The Snoworldean language is based on English, but has a different pronunciation and alphabet.


  • Within the pronunciation we have the vowels and the consonants. Each will have the sound of the following letter.








  • And in the case of consonants, the same thing happens: we have B, C, D... etc. B will sound like C and C like D and so on.



  • Example: "Hello, how are you?" would be written as it is, but it would sound like this: "Jimmu, jux esi zua".

  • In Snoworldean, names and native words are indicated with brackets [ ] to denote their standard pronunciation, not the Snoworldean way. For example, "Spaicy" would be pronounced as "Tqeodz" in Snoworldean, but to avoid confusion, brackets are added, and it is pronounced in the conventional way as [Spaicy]. Same with native words like [shabut, groinko, etc]

  • Example sentence: Hi, I'm Spaicy, nice to meet you. 

  • Snoworldean writing:

  • Snoworldean pronunciation: Jo, o'n [Spaicy], podi vu niiv zua​.


  • We made a small app for PC to translate human language to Snoworldean! Try it!



  • There is magic in Snoworld, but to use it you must have a license.

  • This is studied in schools of magic, in order to regulate its use.

  • Simple spells such as levitation and more complicated spells such as magic attacks can be performed, however these spells consume high levels of sira.

  • There are magic guilds all over the world.



Snoworld's technology has several similarities with ours, although we will highlight the most different ones.

  • Wristphone:  It is the smartphone of the snoworldeans. 

It is made of a flexible and transparent material. It can be worn straight as a tablet, or on the arm as a bracelet.

Some of its functions are:


  • Calls: In speakerphone mode, or private with the call gesture, the sound comes out through the hand via vibration.


  • Store items: They are scanned and stored in the wristphone. However, there are capacity limits (size of a backpack approx.). Objects and food can be scanned, but not living beings.

  • Because of this, snoworldeans do not usually carry bags, or need pockets.



  • The education in Snoworld is based on survival skills, cooking, first aid, day-to-day life, fighting, hunting, etc.

  • There are also the knowledges of mathematics, language, history and more.

  • The kids start to learn from a very young age, finishing their studies approximately at 17 years old.


  • Superior education exists as well.


  • These are the uniforms of most schools:



There are jobs that are very similar to those on earth, and others that are not so similar, such as being an adventurer, monster hunter, wizard, among others.



  • Health in Snoworld is a common good for all its inhabitants, simple treatments are free even if they are paid for through taxes. In case of special illnesses, the patient must cover a percentage of the illness.

  • There is traditional medicine that is carried out in hospitals, and medicine more focused on magic and herbs.

medios de trans


There are several means of transportation, but what many of them have in common is that they use nuclear energy.

Some of the most outstanding are:

  • Cars: Similar to those on earth, only inside they have a handle more similar to a joystick, and their windows/doors are made of a flexible glass that opens completely.

  • Trucks: Similar to cars, larger in size, and with tank-like wheels for traction.

  • Trams: Classic and beautiful trolleys that run through all the cities of Snoworld. They don't use electricity cables, instead they use planetary energy.

  • Aquiatic subway: One of the most technological means of transportation, it is a bullet train that crosses the continents through transparent tunnels under the sea. It travels at a speed of 900 kilometers per hour.

  • Cableways: Hanging cabins for transportation through leafy and dangerous places such as the jungles of Thembras.

  • Carriages: Commonly used by royal families and for leisurely rides. They are carried by delfoideas.



ropa snoworld
  • Snoworldean clothing is based more on accessories than complete clothing as humans do.

  • This is due to the following reasons:

    • Their bodies are better prepared for temperature changes.

    • The great variety of snoworldean bodies complicates the standardization of garments, which is why accessories are mostly used.

    • By not having their intimate parts exposed, they do not feel modesty.

    • The most elaborate clothes are mostly used for events, such as festivals, weddings, etc.

oufit example.png


For certain ceremonies, such as the festival of gratitude, characteristic garments from each continent are used.

What all these costumes have in common is that they consist of capes, and that the women wear an accessory on their heads. Colors of costumes and accessories may vary.

  • Snoworld costume: Men and women wear capes that symbolize the low temperatures of the snow. The woman has on her head a crown of branches that represents the trees.

  • Akiri costume: combination of tropical and dry heat at the same time where intense colors predominate. The woman usually wears a flower on her head.

  • Thembras costume: Their costumes are made of a veil that represents crystals, something typical of that place, also both men and women wear crystal ornaments.

outfits 2.png


  • As on our planet, in Snoworld there are forms of entertainment such as movies, video games, sports, music, among others.

  • Regarding the music, it is similar to that of the earth, but with different origins.

  • It is also very common to see free events and panoramas for the whole family.

  • One of Snoworld's most outstanding and unique sports is ice fencing.

  • This sport is characterized by being elegant and sophisticated, with a beautiful artistic movement and great skill in combat.
    Normally a soft sport sword is used which is not dangerous.

entreteinment 2.png



Like us, they have festivities throughout the year, such as birthdays, Mother's Day, among others.

However, there are particular Snoworld celebrations such as:

  • Gratitude Festival:

    • Similar to New Year's Day, this is celebrated on January 1. Here people are thankful for everything they have in life, generally giving worship to the Crystal Kings. There are big festivals with food, games, fireworks and more. 

    • The typical food of this event is shabut.

    • Each continent has its own attire for this ceremony.


  • Hadenster:

    • Ceremony similar to Christmas and Easter together that is celebrated every December 20th. It consists of giving a large chocolate egg to a loved one.

    • This egg is usually handmade, and inside it carries a secret gift for that person. it can be an object, or a letter.



  • As for weddings, and other celebrations, something very common is to celebrate them in multipurpose spaces, such as large rooms, or open areas.


  • The type of dress for the wedding is free, but the classic one is that the woman seen with white veils and the man with an elegant outfit.

wedding costume.png



​Snoworld's horoscope is based on animals and mythological beings from the same planet. Each one with its virtues and defects as in the horoscopes of the earth. Like us, they have 12 signs with different dates.


  • Pyrotron (January): People under this sign have high ideals and aspirations. It is a sign of a lot of persistence that ensures your triumphs.

  • Delfoidea (February): people under this sign are very faithful to their ideals, patience and good heart. He likes to travel and be close to his loved ones.

  • Omurius (March): people under this sign are somewhat reserved in their way of being, but of great intelligence and calm. They like to plan their goals well, they are very cautious.

  • Selkun (April): people of this sign are very sensitive in many aspects, they are responsible, they know how to listen to others and understand their emotions.

  • Flaxe (May): People under this sign are bold and intuitive, they like to learn new things and are curious about life.

  • Viricroc (June): People under this sign are modest, intelligent and reserved, usually meticulous, practical and hardworking. They have great analytical skills and are reliable.

  • Xagon (July): People under this sign are people worthy of respect, they do not like routine and despite having a calm temperament they have a great character. They are good romantic partners

  • Khelat (August): People under this sign are able to see beyond what is usual. They are very enthusiastic and good friends. They have great inner power.

  • Chirubat (September): people under this sign are versatile people with a positive vision of life. They are honest, willing to fight for good causes at all costs.

  • Gepto (October): People under this sign are very proud and faithful to their ideals. They are good companions capable of understanding others. He is also very demanding of himself.

  • Yderion (November): People of this sign are somewhat shy, sensitive and patient, but they also have very deep moments in their personality that can surprise everyone. They are willing to learn and understand life.

  • Liren (December): People under this sign are kind and calm people, very empathetic. They are also affectionate when they are in confidence. Always seek help.

ciclo vida muert


  • For Snoworldeans there is a very naturalistic view of life and death. They believe in the organic cycle where it is always reborn in a new form, as shown in the graphic. One part as a seed, bears fruit and transforms into compost to give new life.


  • Snoworld burials are performed in the forests, placing the body next to a seed.

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