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Spaicy (the character), was created in 2000 by LoulouVZ based on her pet, Pelusa, and influenced by 90's designs from anime, video games, and animated movies.


Throughout the years she changed until he became what we know today as Spaicy.

LoulouVZ is a freelance digital artist from Chile, born on may 5, 1990.

She graduated in 2016 as a digital designer from the UDD University, and today she is dedicated to commissions and her personal projects such as Spaicy Project.

Since her whole life she have been passionate about cartoons, anime and video games.


"My goal is to do something as great as what has inspired me since I was little." - LoulouVZ



A timeline that explains the whole process from which Spaicy went through since its creation in the year 2000 to present day.

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