Spaicy is the star of a multimedia project by LoulouVZ, which chronicles Spaicy's quest to restore the energy of her homeworld.


The project includes comics, animations, and even its own fandom!


Spaicy herself first began as an original character created by LoulouVZ in 2000.

Here you can see the evolution of Spaicy


Loulou is currently working on the Spaicy project.


LoulouVZ is a freelance artist from Chile.


She attended at UDD in santiago, Chile, studying digital design and graduating in 2016 with a degree of digital designer.


In her free time she enjoys to draw, play piano, cook and travel.

Her current work are commissions and the Spaicy project.

You can follow her on Facebook and Youtube



A timeline that explains the whole process from which Spaicy went through since its creation in the year 2000 to present day. “That’s right, I had created Spaicy over 10 years ago, and her origins comes from Pelusa, my dearest pet, mixed with other things that had an influence in my life. That’s why I love this character very much”.