• Snoworld is a planet located in the Geridox system, in a very distant galaxy. Its star, Geridoxia, is a large star but not as hot as the sun.




Facts about the planet Snoworld:

  • Planet of medium size, (similar to Mars), conformed by 3 big continents; Snoworld (continent) Akiri, and Thembras.

  • The name of this world is due to the shape of its continents, formed by large peninsulas, similar to the tips of a snowflake.

  • It has 2 moons, one larger (Pashmir) and one smaller (Mias).

  • The calendar, hours, and seasons are very similar to earth.

planet and moons.png


  • The energy of Snoworld comes from its core.

  • This is a liquid yellow substance with the ability to energize multiple aspects.

  • Its role is vital in society, since it fulfills a function similar to electric power, gasoline and gas combined.

  • It is used in homes, industries, and more. Being the main source of power.

  • Its distribution is through a system of ancestral pipes, created by the Crystal Kings. The output of the energy emerges through several points of the planet. Taking in total, 9 important departures.

  • Currently the one who manages the energy industries is the Luxbell family.





SNOWORLD MAPA todos los continentes3.jpg

3D view of planet Snoworld




  • Snoworld (Continent), is the capital of the planet.

  • This place was founded by the Crystal Kings.

  • Its climate varies between slightly warm and cold, with abundant snowfall in the north and rain in the south.

snoworld example.png



Snoworld (continent) is divided into 7 regions, it is a developed and quiet place where its inhabitants can have a good quality of life.

  • Crystal City: It is the most important city of Snoworld, since here lives the empress Luxbell. It is a place full of technological advances and commerce.

  • Lailen: Quiet city characterized by its hot springs.

[Power plant in Lailen] [Lailen connects with Akiri]. 

  • Rivaine: Wooded place that harbors dangerous beasts. On its coasts fishing is practiced.

[Rivaine connects with Thembras] [Rivaine connects with Thembras].

  • Grichkor: City characterized by having a majority of plant inhabitants.

One of its strengths are agriculture, magic and craftsmanship. 

[Power plant in Grichkor] Hanart: It is a quiet and peaceful city.

  • Hanart: It is a quiet and beautiful city with forests of cherry trees, which annually celebrates the festival of gratitude. It is also known as the city of love, as many go there to propose. 


  • Ilamna: it is a very busy city where people go mainly for vacations, there are casinos and pubs everywhere. Its business is tourism.

  • Edresh: It is a mountainous area with beautiful flowery and quiet villages. Although it is also a dangerous place due to its strong blizzards. 

[Power plant in Edresh]


Snoworld Flag.png


In this continent there are landscapes like:


  • Cherry Forest: In this forest, once a year, the Gratitude Festival takes place. Visitors also enjoy doing picnics in this area.

  • Lakes: The water is a bit cold, and plenty of salmon lives here.

  • Forests : The woods of Snoworld are very dense and green, and many medium aggression beasts lives here.

  • Hot springs: Hot springs are located in Lailen Town, being a great tourist attraction.

  • Meadows: The grasslands of Snoworld are spacious, with plenty of grass and warm breezes. You can find delfoideas around this place, among other creatures.


  • Snowy mountains: These mountains are very cold places with great height. There are lots of minerals in this place.

Natural landscapes snoworld.png


The flora and minerals of the Snoworld continent grow in humid environments and cold temperatures. Some of these are:​

  • Piki pines: These are pine trees that bear a nut called piki. Its flavor is between almond and hazelnut.

  • Hanzu flowers: They are flowers similar to purple hydrangeas, they are usually planted a lot in the villages. They have a small fruit similar to a blueberry.

  • Leafundas: They are plants with which tea is made, have a very fragrant aroma of herbs. They are present in the meadows.

  • Kistopharus: It is an edible mineral found in the mountains of Snoworld. Its flavor can vary from salty/bitter to sweet/sour depending on the soil where it grows.




Some of the most common animals of the Snoworld continent are:

  • Groinkos: Domestic animals of large size and docile temperament. They are usually bred in farms.

  • Twipies: Small birds that can appear in 3 colors: green, blue or red. They are usually found all over the continent.

  • Curpus: small and curious animals about the size of a cat, native to the forests. They are characterized by having a jewel in their tails, which is why they used to be hunted in the past, although nowadays, their hunt is forbidden. They are also very common as pets.

  • Delfoideas: Quadrupeds similar to horses, with large curved horns. They are usually found in the wild on the meadows.

They are also used to move high society carriages. 




Here are some examples of urban areas en Snoworld continent:

  • Crystal Castle: it is one of the most important places in Snoworld, since royalty lives here. It is located in Crystal City.

  • Edresh Town: Town high in the mountains.

  • Ilamna at night: Panoramic view of the most nocturnal city of Snoworld. It is characterized by many casinos, pubs and neon lights.

  • Grichkor houses: This is an example of the type of houses in the Grichkor sector, they stand out for having a magical aspect.

snoworld urban.png



The typical food of Snoworld is high in calories, excellent for cold and snowy days. The most characteristic foods are:


  • Shabut: It’s a type of pastry filled with vegetables and meat. A meat sauce is usually added as a spread.


  • Piki pie: It’s a pie that is usually filled with custard cream, and covered with roasted and caramelized pikies.


  • Bellbery juice: It’s a sweet and sour juice very typical of Snoworld, it is usually drunk when eating shabut

  • Groinko Ham: Roast meat similar to chicken and pork





This continent is located at the east of Planet Snoworld, and it’s characterized to be a serene and beautiful place. It has a Tropical Desert Climate, with high temperatures (35°C to 45°C).

Akiri example.png



Akiri is characterized by its beautiful bays and a warm atmosphere.

Its greatest strength is fishing, mining and tourism.

It is divided into 6 regions.


-Kealnya: This area has quiet cities, its strongest is the cultivation of vegetables.

[Kealnya connects with Snoworld]


-Ukukali: It is a highly tourist place due to its beautiful beaches and its gastronomy.

Ukukali has one of the largest underwater cities in all of Snoworld, here is a large amphibious population.


- Wombena: It is a place with some of the largest cities of Snoworld, with high urbanization located underground, this in order to avoid the high temperatures of the desert. It is also a very active city with much tourist movement and great parties in the evenings.

[Energy outlet in Wombena]


- Nenzise: it is an area of ​​little urbanization but much tourism due to its impressive red canyons, the rainbow lake and above all, the glass city that is surrounded by lava.

[Energy output at Nenzise]


- Zivila: It is a region dedicated to fishing, is urbanized and quiet.

Here are several companies of Akiri

[Zivila connects with Thembras]


- Yoku: It is a mostly virgin place where many wild and tropical creatures coexist.

[Energy output in Yoku]


Akiri Flag.png


Akiri possess landscapes filled with colorful flora and fauna. Some of these are:


  • Pristine beaches: Beaches with clear, warm and calm waters.


  • Crystal desert: This unique landscape was formed after several volcanic eruptions which, being at such high temperatures, melted the sand, crystallizing it and forming natural glass sculptures. Currently in this place you can see areas with hot crystallized lava.


  • Luminescent sea: At nights the Akiri Sea shines thanks to the activity of microscopic bioluminescent living creatures, creating a wonderful starry sky effect on its surface.


  • Coral reefs: An abundant number of marine creatures lives sustained by this place.


  • Floral jungle: Many types of creatures can be found in this jungle. If you have an insect phobia, this place is not recommended for you.


  • Rocky valley: There are large formations of reddish rock and in this place is where there are more advanced urban areas, only that these are located underground.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.18.43.png


The flora of Akiri is abundant and colorful. Some of the living beings that grows in this continent are:


  • Yomicua: It’s a tropical fruit typical from Akiri. Its cover is hard and thorny, but inside it keeps a sweet and tasty nectar. It’s quite fleshy on the inside, with a look similar to coconut, and it has a flavor between custard apple and passion fruit.


  • Palm trees: Palm trees are abundant in Akiri, and have many sizes.


  • Tropical fruits: There are fruits of various shapes and colors, and each one has a unique flavor.


  • Traveler’s tree: It is said that this tree name was given to it because it helped travelers to navigate in tropical forests. As this tree always grows from east to west, it served as a compass.


  • Limium: It’s a beautiful tropical flower that grows in Akiri. Many girls use it as a hair ornament when they want to attract a guy.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.18.52.png


Akiri has a great variety of animals that are characterized for having no fur. This is to help them acclimate to the high temperature of their habitats. Some of these animals are:


  • Zeridopters: Zeridopteros, or Zeridos, are a type of medium sized reptile-insects. Their behavior is very similar to monkeys, and they exist in various colors.


  • Sea dragons: They have gills and lungs, and they are peaceful, and sometimes elusive, beings. They don’t like contact with people, and they will only approach if you gives them food. They usually stay on the rocks sunbathing.


  • Blinding bird: This is a typical creature from the crystal dessert and, just like its habitat, this bird is made of crystal. One of its hunting methods is to blind its prey using its wings as sun reflectors. This confuses its prey and thus this bird traps it.


  • Slimes: These creatures are very common on the shores of the beach. They are friendly and have good temperament.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.19.01.png


The urban areas of Akiri are of great movement. This continent is characterized as a very touristic place for vacationing and partying. Some of this areas are:


  • Underground cities: Due to the great heat in the deserts of Akiri, underground cities (including shopping centers, homes, etc.) were developed.


  • Houses on the water: Many inhabitants of Akiri usually live in the coastal zone, which makes them raise their houses on piles over the surface of the water.


  • Nightlife: Akiri is characterized for being a partier continent and one of the most iconic places are pubs, karaoke, restaurants, discos, etc.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.19.08.png



The typical food of Akiri is tropical and bittersweet. The most characteristic foods are:


  • Dunduria fish: This dish consists on grilled dunduria fish, accompanied with fried bananas. It’s one of the most common dishes of Akiri.

  • Yomicua: its an aromatic fruit with a sweet flavour. similar to chirimoya and mango.


  • Mielona juice: Mielona is a type of melon with honey flavor, usually used for cocktails. It has a very pleasant taste.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.19.16.png




Thembras continent, located at south in Planet Snoworld, is characterized as a place of extensive vegetation and rough survival. It has an Oceanic Climate, with temperatures between 2°C-17°C. but sometimes it can be hotter.



Thembras is a place of drastic landscapes, where nature and wildness predominate, but on the other hand it also has its urbanization. It is divided into 6 regions.


-Zenarka: is the region that connects the 3 continents. This is because it is the peninsula closest to the other continents and is a safe place for tourists.

It is an urban and tourist place of moderate tranquility.


-Asvar: It is one of the most important cities of Thembras where the greatest amount of population and commerce is concentrated. Here you can find the best universities, jobs, infrastructure, etc. This is because it is one of the first Snowland colonies.

[Energy output in Asvar]


-Eyria: it is a half urban place half jungle where many tribal customs are preserved. There are ruins of ancient Eyrian civilizations.


-Baotto: is an area governed by robots. It is a place of great poverty and difficulty but of effort at work. Here a large part of the technological equipment of all Snoworld is built.

[Energy output in Baotto]


-Halderus: It is a place dominated by beasts and snoworldeans belonging to tribes, here are often many rituals and battles. This place is dense in jungles, waterfalls and lots of nature.


-Otherg: is one of the most dangerous but striking cities of Thembras, here is concentrated a lot of natural wonders such as volcanoes in constant eruption, glass caves and jungles. The strongest snoworldeans tend to train in this place.

[Energy output in Otherg]




  • Jungles: The jungles of Thembras are very dense and full of wild and dangerous creatures.


  • Crystal caves: These caves are one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Thembras, in which luminous creatures lives, lighting up the place. There are also bioluminescent crystals in these caves, and even edible crystals can be found. Crystal beings also live here.


  • Rainy forests: Thembras is characterized for being a rainy continent. It rains 6/10 days.


  • Spectral caverns: Unlike the crystal caves, spectral caverns have a dense atmosphere caused by the many spectra that have lived hundreds of years trapped in this caverns. Only few people dare to enter this place.


  • Mighty ocean: The sea of this continent is extremely brave, and some crazy adventurers like to go to this place to surf. It’s not a suitable place for swimming or fishing. Still its inhabitants must do it to survive.

  • Volcanoes: Thembras has lots of volcanoes, and the large amount of lava seen in some areas is due to their proximity to a power plant which heats the rocks and produces constant lava. It is often seen in the form of lava waterfalls.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.19.40.png



The flora of Thembras requires a rainy and fertile environment. Some of the living beings that grow in this continent are:


  • Tumbeke: This plant is similar to a palm tree and it’s usually used as food, as its center is soft, resembling a palm stem. Its product is usually exported the other continents.


  • Pijuayo:  This is a fruit that comes from Pijuayo tree. Its flavor is nice and sweet.


  • Ferns: Ferns are abundant in Thembras thanks to its Tropical Rainforest Climate.


  • Poisonous flowers: One of the most outstanding flowers in Thembras are the poisonous red giants. These flowers catch their preys in their center.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.19.48.png



Thembras usually has animals with an active and aggressive temperament, like:


  • Situru: It’s a very dangerous type of giant amphibian that lives in the swamps. Its bite is poisonous


  • Rocombo: This is a very strong mammal with thick skin, and it built its shelter carrying rocks with its strong tricorns. Sometimes Rocombos are domesticated and used as work animals.


  • Thembras chimera: There are several variants of chimeras in Thembras. There are chimeras that have mammal traits, others that have reptile traits and others that have dragon traits, among various species. The only similarity between these chimeras is their aggressiveness and territorialism.


  • Bio-k3: In Thembras there are bio insects that feed on energy or oil. They aren’t dangerous and can be found near robotic ghettos.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.19.55.png



The urban areas here vary from technological and safe, to wild and dangerous.

Some of the most prominent places are:

- Semibeasts Clans: Semibeasts are self-proclaimed tribes with that name, since they are not identified with urban civilizations. they usually do rituals and have their own culture.


- Robotic ghettos: this would be the highest technology area in Thembras, since it is made up of a majority of the robotic-looking mineral population. This place is characterized by having a steampunk look and dedicate to recycling.


-Taverns: These are characteristic places of Thembras. Its appearance is mostly medieval. Here its inhabitants gather to drink, eat and live together.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.20.02.png


The typical foods of Thembras are large and full of minerals. One of the most characteristic foods are:


- Roast beef: Here the most common is to eat beast meat.


- Craft beer: beer is an excellent accompaniment to roast beef, so its inhabitants will not hesitate to have a good beer mug when going to the taverns.


- Oil for robots: since a good number of the inhabitants of Thembras are minerals, with the appearance of a robot, oil is one of the most common concoctions here.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.20.10.png



All the creatures of Snoworld are characterized by being born of eggs and belonging to different traits.


There is a separation between rational and irrational beings.

The rationals would come being the snoworldeans, while the irrationals would be the beasts.

snoworldeanos y bestias 2.png


biologia snoworldeanos anatomia.jpg

What are they?



Snorworldeans are beings from the planet Snoworld, with aspects that are anthropomorphic, oviparous and from many different features.


They posess a major resistance to temperatures and damage thanks to their skins that have a bigger thickness compared to us humans. 


their breathing medium can be via nasal, branchial, or through the skin.

There may be mixed breathing systems.


Unlike us, they don't feel the necessity to wear clothing since their private parts aren't exposed unless they are needed. (Similar to reptiles)


Features:  Each one have their own assistance and peculiarities, between them they are: Animal, plants and minerals. Snoworldeans can only have one of them. In case that a crossing happens between two features, that is to say: Mineral with a plant, animal with a plant, etc. Their child will have one of their features and their biological system, but in physical aspects their going to have the characteristics of both of their parents.

Types of Features:



Animal Features:


Being the most predominant feature, between these creatures by a 50 %, they are based on the animal kingdom, but they aren't those species in their totality. (Example: Dog or cat) In fact, they are mixtures of different beings.


Body: They are composed by animal cells, they also have organs and fluid just like terrestrial animals, they're hot blooded. In some specific cases they can regenerate some parts of their body, like the tail, even though regeneration is not a common thing in this trait. 

Their stools are similar to those of humans, only purple.


Nutrition: Their diet is omnivorous, not only that but they are capable of eating certain types of minerals.


Habits: They're similar like humans.


Assistance and Diseases: Their caring is just like ours. They need to eat at least once a day, they need to take care of diseases just like ours, such as: a cold, cholera, hepatitis, etc.

Still, it's not common for them to get sick as their defenses most of the time are great.


 Life longevity: Around to 150 years.



Vegetal Features:


Being the second feature most predominant in snoworldeans with a porcentage of 30 %, they're charactized by being based from the vegetal kingdom.


 Body: Composed of vegetals cells, they have organs and fluids as well, however, they're not literal as the ones we know of. Their organs are similars, but vegetals. (Example: Their lungs are most likely similar to mushrooms.) Their blood is from a component similar to sap. They do not have bones.

The ones with vegetal features are more prone to regenerate quicker, as an example, if they get an arm amputated, the following might grow in some months.

Their stools are similar to those of sheep, of a green color.



 Nutrition: Since they are humanoids, they're omnivorous, but they prefer foods with a vegetal origin, as they can't process that well most of the meats. They also gain nutrients through the sun, water and dirt, making photosynthesis as a second option of nutrition. Another option is that they can ingest is the dirt because it brings them a lot of minerals.



Habits: Most of them have the habits like us humans, only that they need sun and water to keep themselves healthy. In some cases, they might show a change of season which means that they change their foliage in Fall.


Assistance and Diseases: Their assistance is special, similar to plant. They are sensitive to temperatures changes, they can't resist properly the snow or the weather from the deserts. The type of diseases that can affect them are the plagues, for that they have to fumigate themselves. Between of other remedies, it exists the possibility for them to eat fertilizer.


Life Longevity: Between 150-200 years.



Mineral Features:


They're the minority of snoworldeans as their porcentage of predominance is of 20 %, they're based on the mineral kingdom.


Body: Composed by mineral cells, they have organs and fluids being more similar to a machinery, their blood is made of oil. They don't have bones.


And since they're humanoids, their bodies are flexible, independent of the material that they are.

In case of regeneration, mineral types can regenerate, but very slowly they can recover a missing extremity for a year or a month.

Their stools are a type of mineral similar to coal.


Nutrition: Since they are humanoid beings they are omnivorous, but with a preference of eating foods from a mineral background because that's what it brings more nutrients for their bodies. Their dentures and organisms are adapted to process them.


Not only that, in Snoworld exists various edible minerals.



Habits: The big majority have habits like humans, even though as being from a mineral origin, they have the most capacity and strength and require more time of recovery.


Assistance and Diseases: Their assistance can vary, depending the material, although in some cases, the snoworldeans of metals like iron, should be more careful with water as they can get I'll from oxidation. For them there are home-made remedies just as having a vinegar bath.


Life Longevity: Around to 200 years.






Types of bodies:


In a majority of snoworldeans, they have similar bodies like humans with humanoid extremities.


The cases that are less common are the ones with arachnid legs, snake tails or fish, being that recessive gen and the human legs being the dominant gen.


 All of what is mentioned before has a level of the dominant gen and the recessive one, so as an example if a mother with a body of a spider has a child with a father of humanoid legs, is going to most likely come out with the human legs.


Now these are the following types of bodies and their rareness:

biologia snoworldeanos anatomia.jpg
snoworldean lunch.png
animal mineral vegetal features rasgos.p
animal mineral vegetal features rasgos.p
animal mineral vegetal features rasgos.p
biologia snoworldeanos anatomia.jpg
snoworldean lunch.png
animal mineral vegetal features rasgos.p
snoworldean lunch.png



All the beings of Snoworld are born by eggs, these are of different shapes, sizes and elements.



The male snoworldean is fertile throughout the year. While the female is fertile during 2 weeks of the year generating at most 2 eggs. This date is from the middle of the year of the birthday of the female, if for example was born on January 1, she will be fertile the first 2 weeks of June. If the woman seeks to become pregnant, it is necessary to write down her fertility date in order to be sure.

The female goes into heat during these 2 weeks of the year, expelling pheromones that attract the males and having an increase of livido.
There is no menstrual bleeding.

Fertility in both females and males begins at age 12.


Once the copulation is given, the baby begins to gestate. Neutrals have a gestation of 1 month inside the uterus, and 3 months in the egg outside the mother.
Its development is faster than that of a human.

The biggest difference is between the different types of features. Since the form and incubation of these is different.

-Animal: beings with predominant animal traits are born in common eggs. These eggs should be incubated with heat but not too much.

-Plant: beings with predominant plant trait are born in egg seeds. This seed should be buried underground for the baby to sprout.
The clearest sign is when an outbreak comes to the surface after 3 months of germination. The same baby is the one who must leave the earth, this should not be extracted.

-Mineral: beings with predominant mineral trait develop from a crystal / metal egg depending on their materiality. This crystal when leaving the mother, should be incubated in a cradle of minerals to absorb the nutrients. Like the others, its gestation is of 3 months until it hatch breaking the glass the same baby.

The type of egg and incubation will be defined by the genes of the mother. If for example we have a father with animal traits and a mother with plant traits, the egg will be a seed.

There are different species that can generate several eggs. But that will depend on its morphology. Eg: twipis (a type of snowbird) can have up to 5 eggs.

In the case of having twins the mother has 2 or more eggs inside the womb. No 2 babies inside an egg.


When hatching a neutral is where your true birthday is considered. Not when her mother gives birth to the egg.


After the month of gestation in the uterus + 3 months in the egg, comes the month where the baby comes out of the egg and during this 5th month the female gives milk. This is given for 3 weeks.
The milk comes out only when the baby is suckling. It does not come out by itself.

-Baby feeding

The baby begins during its first months eating non-solid foods, and over time and the growth of teeth are eating solid.



Snoworldian sexual organs can’t be seen with the naked eye but there are subtle grooves or blood vessels which, when stimulated, can reveal the organ. Snoworldians may consciously reveal them by needs, such as urinating or reproduce, or there may be exceptions where the organ appears without their consent.

This theory is inspired by certain aspects of the sexual organs of reptiles.

Reference image (See image with discretion)



Each one of the snoworldeans have different bodies, so it is important to consider their basic needs, just as sleeping, going to the bathroom, traveling, etc.


Their beds are from a material that adapts depending of the shape of the body (memory foam). These can have different forms depending of the necessities.


In the case for the toilets, they are bigger than the average, because of their depositions there are going to be different depending on the features. For cleaning, it's not often used paper, most likely, what is used for cleaning are water jets and wind jets for drying. It's a way more ecological and clean to do it.


When it comes to sit down, the seats of many enclosures tend to be without backs, or half a back support, this is to prevent problems with tails, wings etc.


In public transports, there are traditional seats and special seats for snoworldeans of bigger sizes, like the ones with a spider torso.



The sira is the vital energy from snoworldeans, without it, they die since it is like an equivalent for their soul. A good comparative could be the ki, chacra, etc.


The majority of its habitants have a level of sira. Just that some that may have a special ability, will have a bigger sira.

This can increment through training, nutrition, amulets, many more.

However, most of the population doesn't know about the sira, because it is a topic not so known.




All the culture and society of Snoworld was developed through many years. Starting originally from the ancestral tribes, until reaching the current society with advanced technology.

One of the greatest milestones of all Snoworld, was the arrival of the Crystal Kings, 2 kind beings that brought peace and technological advances to this place.


Below are some important aspects of this society.



The Crystal kings are considered as deities in Snoworld, since they were the ones who founded civilization and brought peace to the world.

One of the most important acts they did was to build glass foundations, among them, one of the most important, the glass ducts, which sent the energy of the nucleus to the surface so that its inhabitants could use it.


There are legends that say that they emerged from the center of the planet, and once they fulfilled their mission they returned to their place of origin.


Currently many people worship them and pray for them.

Reyes de cristal.jpg




This ancient god, originating from the mythology of the tribes of semi-tribes is considered the first god of Snoworld. According to some it is said that this god gave birth to all Snoworld.
In each of its extremities it carries the fundamental aspects of the planet. In his right arm, represented by nature symbolizes life. In his left leg represents death. His right leg represents war and his left arm represents peace, interpreted in the form of crystals.

In the middle of his chest he carries a crystal of transmutation that keeps everything in perfect balance and at the same time allows him to maintain his powers.
His horns represent respect and his eye is said to see it all.

In the ancient courts they usually perform rites in honor of this deity to achieve balance and stability.


Altars of Shnebura

Shnebura is the god of balance in Snoworld, and to venerate him, the snoworldeans built a lot of altars to their god.

These altars are the size of a person, consisting of a small house that houses a golden statue of Shnebura, this is usually surrounded by candles and incense.

People usually pray in front of the altar looking for balance in their life. You can also make offerings such as candles, money, food, flowers.

There is a celebration that takes place every November 10, which is the veneration of Shnebura. The believers of the god make a pilgrimage through several paths that connect with the altars inside their town. This in order to make a circle of prayer. The more altars you visit, the greater devotion to Shnebura, and therefore greater balance in your life.



The magic of Snoworld is a combination of practices and knowledges done while the execution of spells is made.


The magic is classified into white magic and black magic. Within them exists an scale from 1 to 10 of how powerful a spell can be.


The energy used for the spells it's the vital one from the snoworldeans, the sira.


Its use is legal, though it requires of an special license to use it. There are spells permitted and others are prohibited from the public street.


The study of it is done in schools of magic. This career can take for some years to get the license.


Affinity in different types of features:


Depending of the feature of the snoworldean, this will have more affinity to certain types of magic:


- Those who have animal features can dominate the nature in a balanced way.

 - Those who have vegetal features have greater dominance of those spells that are about vegetation.

 - As those who are mineral featured, they will have a better control of crystal amulets.


White Magic: Its use is to cure and defend. It is based on the elements of nature and prosperity, within these skills there are also the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. This magic can also be used to attack, but with the condition that is for the purpose of protection.


Black Magic: It's used to attack, it is based on the dark elements of nature, such as the death. It is commonly used for wars, sending curses and wishing the worst for the opponent. This type of magic can also use telepathy and telekinesis.


In both types of magic, there must be precaution with its use because magic consumes the vital energy of the body, if not done so, the body might get into a serious fatigue in the worst case, they can die. Therefore, it is recommended to take breaks after using it.



The policy at Snoworld works under an imperial system.

Here are the most important charges:


Empress: Fibell Luxbell


She has 4 powers.

-Judicial: She is the supreme judge. Her Ruling is Law.

-Executive: Execute power through and over the viziers.

-Legislative: Has power over the Senate to make and implement laws

-Military: commander and chief of all armed forces including “The Shields of the Throne”.




Councilors of the empress, they have the power to execute all requests regarding, Vizier of economy, energy, justice, etc ...

The empress consults with the viziers upon all matter regarding the standing of Snoworld.



Representatives of noble families, one per family.

Their mission is to advise the emperor with issues that are not necessarily of the concern of the viziers.


These leaders conduct their actions within the Royal Palace.



Viceroy: They are representatives of the empress that reside in each continent; they are directly elected by her. They have the executive abilities that the empress has to alleviate her responsibilities.


* There are separate districts on each continent, which are overseen by appointed governors *


Governors: they are in charge of executing the administrative matters of their districts.


Council of Districts: Discuss with the Viceroy in an open debate, thematic of budgetary administration of the districts. The number of counselors per district is defined by the number of inhabitants.


Mayors: they have the administrative power of their respective municipalities. There election and appointment is left to the population of each municipality.

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Civil Guards: They uphold the law, they can use force to uphold peace within there power. Their weapons are, a baton, spear, a bow and quiver of arrows. They can issue fines and arrest those that violate the law.


Civil Special Forces: They are in charge of situations of massive civil disorder, they are also deployed during natural disasters. They are equipped with the following, situationally appropriate firearms, shields, they also have access to many types of specialty disaster and rescue equipment.


Imperial Forces: They are specially trained and deployed in moments of war, they have access to tanks, heavy weapons and have permission to execute under command or at will.




Crystal Guards: They are in charge of defending the infrastructure of political administration, eg: The Royal Palace.


Shields of the Throne: They are assigned the duty of security to the royal family (empress) and the imperial administration. They have both political and military influences.

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The currency of Snoworld is the codend. It is made of fossilized ice, a material that does not melt and is very difficult to counterfeit.

This currency is valid throughout all continents.


There are also the means of payment, where the flakes are deposited, and used for the means of transport, purchases, etc ...


Different types of flakes:


- Blue flakes = 1 dollar
- Green flakes = 5 dollars
- Red flakes = 10 dollars
- Purple flakes = 20 dollars

- Silver flakes = 50 dollars

- Golden flakes = 100 dollars

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In general, Snoworld is a peaceful place, however there are cases where law and order must be applied.

The laws in Snoworld are similar to those in the land, having as an aspect to highlight an important culture about recycling, respect for others, the ability to drink alcohol in public areas but with respect, among other rules of common sense. Similar to those existing in First World countries.


In the case of committing crimes such as stealing, killing, among others, these will be taken to the jail, having punishments from minors, up to the death penalty, depending on how big the crime was.




The snoworldeans have their own alphabet, but just to make it easier of their lecture, everything that is from the comics and animations will be translated into our language.

Here's the alphabet:

Snoworldean Font Sheet.png

The Snoworldean language is based on English, but has a different pronunciation and alphabet.


Within the pronunciation we have the vowels and the consonants. Each will have the sound of the following letter.








And in the case of consonants, the same thing happens: we have B, C, D... etc. B will sound like C and C like D and so on.



Example: "Hello, how are you?" would be written as it is, but it would sound like this: "Jimmu, jux esi zua".

In the case of names, the spelling should be different so that in its pronunciation it sounds as we know it. Following this rule, the name "Spaicy" in Snoworldean would be written "Rqeodz" but pronounced "Spaicy".  



The education in Snoworld is based on survival skills, first aid, day-to-day life, fighting, hunting, etc.

As a summary, there are also the knowledges of mathematics, language, history and more.

The kids start to learn from a very young age, finishing their studies approximately at 17 years old.


Superior education exists as well, it can be from the state, or private.


These are some of the uniforms:

snoworld shcool uniform.jpg



In Snoworld as in the planet Earth, you study and work, only that their working hours are more flexible and pleasant for the quality of life of its inhabitants. Entering work / study approximately 6 hours a day.

The type of jobs they have are practically the same as those on earth.
They earn their salary as soon as they finish their work, or at the end of the month.

It is permissible for both adults and children to work, as long as it is under their own consent.



The health in Snoworld is a common good for all its habitants, the simple treatments are free even though they get paid through taxes. In case of a special illness, the patient must cover a percentage of the sickness.


The medicine that the state covers is traditional, while the magical medicine is worked in an independent way.



There are several means of transport in Snoworld, similar to land vehicles, but adapted to their needs.

The means of transport are separated into motorized and non-motorized.

The motorized ones use nuclear energy.




Delfoideas: similar to horses, can be mounted alone, or push a carriage.




Quadricicles: They pedal like a bicycle. Suitable for the whole family in warmer climates.


























Trolley car:


This means of transport works on the basis of rails driven by nuclear energy, being used in a manner similar to that of coal in a train, only that it does not emit toxic gases.

The tram at Snoworld has predetermined routes that run through the city. These indicate on the front of which sector they start up to which they arrive. Indicated with numbers (the streets have numbers)

The advantage of this means of transport is that it does not need pavement, only rails. this allows the tramway to be in full green area

Inside the trolley have comfortable seats and can carry up to 20 passengers approx.

Fibell delfoideas carroza.jpg
Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.23.36.png

Submarine train:


This train was the last technology to be developed. Built by beings capable of breathing underwater, it reaches a speed of about 900 km / h.

This incredible train was designed to cross quickly from one continent to another in less than an hour.

This train works with nucleic fuel.

This train levitates magnetically, so your trip is very smooth and you almost do not feel it.

It has the capacity to carry up to 500 people per trip.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.23.40.png

Cable cars:


The cable cars are a typical means of transport used in places with a lot of vegetation. For example in Thembras is very used not to enter directly into the vegetation, as this can become somewhat dangerous.

Its fuel is based on nuclear energy, responsible for moving the pulleys that advance these cable cars.

These small means of transport "air" have the ability to carry up to 4 adults.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.23.43.png



In Snoworld there are different types of sport that are made throughout the different regions. But one of the most characteristic, originating from its capital, is fencing on ice.

This sport is characterized by being elegant and sophisticated, with a beautiful artistic movement, but great skill in combat.

PS: normally a soft sports sword is used that is not dangerous.

Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.23.58.png



Clothing on snoworldeans is not as usual as on humans. This is due to the following:

Snoworldeans possess the quality of having bodies resistant to the most extreme temperatures, due to their thicker skin. This allows them to be protected and not needing to keep warm frequently.

Another important aspect is that they don't have modesty as we humans do, since their private parts are hidden under the skin, and are revealed when necessary. (This was inspired by the reproductive system of reptiles).

Also, the great variety of bodies in Snoworld, generates a problem when it comes to standardize garments, since each body is very different. That's why accessories are a better option that can suit more variety of bodies, such as a scarf, or a cape.

Clothing is often used more as an accessory, rather than a basic necessity. Mostly more elaborate garments are used when going to an event such as going to the beach, a festival, a wedding, etc. But on a daily basis, simple accessories such as gloves, boots, hats, etc. are used.



Image 2018-01-22 a la(s) 18.24.21.png


For certain ceremonies, such as the festival of gratitude, certain garments characteristic of each continent are used.

What all these suits have in common is that they consist of ponchos or capes.
Their colors may vary, and usually the woman uses an accessory on her head.


· Snoworld: Men and women use ponchos that symbolize the cold temperatures of the snow.

the woman has on her head a crown of branches that represents the trees.


· Akiri: a combination of tropical and dry heat at the same time where intense colors predominate. the woman usually carries a lilium on her head, the typical flower of Akiri.


· Thembras: Thembras costumes are of a veil that represents the crystals, something typical of that place, also both men and women wear crystal ornaments.



Just like on earth, they have fun with similar things like watching movies, playing sports, playing video games, listening to music, etc.

Also, outdoor shows and events are often held for all audiences. There are always panoramas in Snoworld.

With respect to the musical styles of Snoworld, there are styles similar to those of the earth, only with different origins.



Like us, they have festivities throughout the year, such as celebrating birthdays, mothers' day, among others.


These are some of the most outstanding snow-white celebrations:

Gratitude Festival:

During this festival, celebrated on January 1, gratitude is celebrated for life and everything you have. The kings of glass are usually worshiped.

During this festival there are great fairs of food, games, crafts, among many other things. Including also fireworks, and special suits.

For women there are beautifully decorated capes and a coral crown.
For men, there may be indigenous coats or handkerchiefs.

Also the typical food of this festival is the Shabut.


It is a snoworldean fest that is celebrated on December 20, it has a great similarity with Christmas and the Easter of the earth.

Significance of the Hadenster: this is done to celebrate the fertility of Snoworld along with to maintain health and abundance.
This celebration has as its symbol the egg, since all snoworldeans are born from them.

What is done in the Hadenster: Being one, families and friends come together to give each other as a gift these large eggs made of chocolate. usually inside they have some extra gift or a letter with a dedication for the loved one.

The most common is that the same snoworldeans prepare the chocolate eggs on their own to put the surprise inside.


As for weddings, and other celebrations, something very common is to celebrate them in multipurpose spaces, such as large rooms, or open areas.


The type of dress for the wedding is free, but the classic one is that the woman seen with white veils and the man with an elegant outfit.

snoworldeano hombre y mujer.jpg



El horóscopo de Snoworld esta basado en animales y seres mitológicos del mismo planeta. Cada uno con sus virtudes y defectos al igual que en los horóscopos del planeta tierra. Al igual que nosotros, ellos cuentan con 12 signos con distintas fechas.

Pyrotron (20/03  -  19/04): people under this sign have high ideals and aspirations. It is a sign of much persistence that insures their triumphs.

Delfoidea (20/04 - 20/04): people under this sign are very loyal to their ideals, patience and good heart. She enjoys traveling and being close to their loved ones.

Omurius (21/05 - 20/06): people under this sign are somewhat reserved in their way of being, but of great intelligence and tranquility. They like to plan well their goals, they are very cautious.

Selkun (21/06 - 22/07): people under this sign are very sensitive to many aspects, are responsible, good at listening to others and understand their emotions.

Flaxe (23/07 - 22/08): people under this sign are bold and intuitive abilities, like to learn new things and be curious about life.

Viricroc (23/08 - 22/09): people under this sign are modest, intelligent and reserved usually meticulous, practical and workers. They have great analytical capacity and are reliable.

Xagon (23/09 - 22/10): people under this sign are worthy of respect people, do not like routine and despite having a calm temperament have great character.
They are good romantic partners

Khelat (23/10 - 21/11): people under this sign are able to see beyond the usual. They are very enthusiastic and good friends. They have great inner power.

Chirubat (22/11 - 21/12): people under this sign are versatile and with a positive outlook on life people. They are honest, willing to fight for good causes all costs.

Gepto (22/12 - 12/01): people under this sign are very proud and true to their ideals. They are good companions able to understand others. It is also very demanding of himself.

Yderion (13/01 - 17/02): people under this sign are somewhat timid, sensitive and patients, but also have their very profound moments in your personality that can surprise everyone. They are willing to learn and understand life.

Liren (18/02 - 19/03): people under this sign are kind and quiet people, very empathetic. They are also loving when they are in confidence. Always seek help.

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For snowmobiles there is a very naturalistic view of life and death. They believe in the organic cycle where it is always reborn in a new form, as shown in the graph. One part as a seed, bear fruit and is transformed into fertilizer to give new life.

The funerals at Snoworld take place in forests, in order that the body of each being be reborn in a new way.

The bodies are buried next to a seed.

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